Cdt day 20
13 July 2016

Today its town day. Just 7 miles to get towards mc donald pass. It rains again and the temperature is around freezing. I have problems with mice during the night. They crawl over me, try to get in my sleeping bag and as i discovered later, used my right shoe is put toilet. Wtf. So i had a rough night. For some reason they didn’t touch my food or chewed on my hiking poles. I fell asleep in the morning and Angelina woke me up. I thought they were ready to go and hurried my ass. Just ending up freezing at 2°c in my tarp in the wind. When we were starting i was wearing all my layers. My feet were freezing because of all the wet grass. At 10:30 we were up at 3°c. Getting warm! Angelina was leading this time. Usually she would fall behind on the uphills and wiseman would lead. However the promised hot tub and food and town kept her going like crazy. On mc donald pass we got really bad wind freezing temperatures and the rain was almost snow. I did what Ialways do in scotland. Laugh loudly at the weather. Wiseman was doing ok but angelina suffered. We called mark at the pass but he couldn’t pick us up. We managed to hitch a ride in the freezing temperatures. Right at the time we already were about to give up. They dropped us of Steve’s restaurant were we got huge breakfast. Marks picked us up after that and we showered did laundry and hung out in his hot tub while he was at work. While he was gone his children came in. They didn’t know about us being here, but they played it really cool. They weren’t even scared by wiseman who just shaved his head and was bleading over his ear and face. So mark came back later with stuff for barbequeue and a sixpack of ipa’s for me. He is so awesome. While he was preparing the dinner his 2 younger sons came by with a friend. He actually has 4 sons. His fiance tracy came in later and his nephew, who did a part of the continental divide bike trail, came in with his girlfriend. They were all super nice and it was a great evening with awesome food prepared by mark. At some point in the night we went to sleep. I cannot say thank you enough for mark being this awesome friendly trail angel.