Cdt day 2
29 June 2016

We started early in the morning at 6:40 in order to have enough time to do the 25 miles slowely. And i needed it. Ronan ran away on the uphills and i had to catch up all the time. We were lucky since we went up triple divide pass on the southern side and could glissade down the snow fields on the northern side. We were the first ones since the closure and put on the first footprints. We could see the prints of mountain lions bears and elk on the trail awesome. The bear actually hiked the same trail for several miles. After passing through some burned forest we took our lunch. That is a peanut butter tortilla and a nice cowboy coffee. While our sleeping bags were drying out a guy passed by freeking out about the overgrown trail and that there a holes in there trapping you. It wasn’t bad at all. We made our way downto red eagle lake through burned forest climbing over blow downs. Then we passed through overgrown trail next to st. Marys lake. And finnaly got to the campground.i was totally exhausted and in pain. This is not a good way to start the trail with a 25m day. Just made some mashed potatoes with butter and bacon bits. We drank some wine knifethrower hiked out and went to pitch our tents. It was funny cause knifethrower pitched his tent for the first time and didnt even cut the guylines. But in the end we got set up and slept like the dead.