Cdt day 19
12 July 2016

Cdt day 19
I woke up in the rain. Originally i wanted to start early and wake up the others. But so i just made my coffee slowly. We are going to use an alternate route today that gets us of the divide to lower elevation, water and it saves us 4 miles to town. Wow. Angelina discovered it yesterday on the ley maps. I tried to shout over to wiseman if we postpone getting out of camp. He doesn’t hear me. Luckily when i drink my coffee he comes around and we postpone getting out of camp. In a rain break we get going. We male our way to dana springs which is a piped tank in the middle of a whole lotta cow poop. Wiseman grins and says i like the smell. I say we have to get used to it and being from the sauerland I don’t care that much. Angelina just says: i can’t eat in this shit hole and moves further away. We are lucky and there is a wee bit of sun while we eat and make more coffee. Going down the alternate it starts raining. We take some water at ley point 3 because it is supposed to be dry. Angelina is scared by the cows and me and wiseman are mooing at them to make them go offtrail. We follow a river and cross it and curse ley since we all carry enough water for half a day and to drycamp. While we continue through the rain we talk about foot and make farting jokes. When we get back to the main trail we start looking for canpsites. We finnaly find a spot at some old mining route where there is still a half destroyed bridge with all the wood support and a lot of scrap metal on the ground where i sleep. I prepare a small fire since the rain stopped. Right after dinner the rain starts again and we get into our tents.

Thomas 13 July 2016
Ok das klingt mittlerweile viel freundlicher als die ersten Posts :) Mit anderen zu leiden macht wohl mehr Spaß :D Grüße