Cdt day 15
7 July 2016

It came as it had to come. At 4am the rain started and i pitched my tent really quick. Because of that i slept in and now around 8:10 i have to pack up in the rain. Damn. I get onnthe trail in the tain. Folow some horse tracks and then just loose it and find the trail again. On the way up during a little rain break i met Collin and simple soul again. Those 2 guys i have leapfrogged in the beginning of this stretch. I end up hiking with them through freezing temperatures and rain and heavy wind up on the actual divide. Collin just says: “hey that is british weather, like at home.”. We make our way to the lake. The last water source before lewis and clark pass. When we get water at the lake we see snow clouds coming in. So we pack up and make it up to the divide in wind and snow. Right on the divide the snow stoppes and the sun shines. Wtf. We can’t believe it. We keep wearing our rain gear expecting it to start again. But no. It’sjust cold wind again and some sun in between. Since I now hile with them into town we stop at some flat space on the ridge where there is no wind but sun. It is really nice and we prepare our dinners. I just discovered that Collin is ficking collin ibotson. He inspired me a lot on backpacking. Simple soul had made his own foot out of freeze dried bought stuff with beans and jalapeños. He put to many jalapeños in there so he shared it with us. Now everybody but me is farting really bad. Am I about to explode?