Cdt day 14
7 July 2016

Woke up with first sunlight at 5:20 again. Brr it was so cold. Put out my watch and it said 2°c. Glad that it didn’t freeze. I did not expect that and didn’t put the water filter in my sleeping bag. I took my time during breakfast and napped a bit so i got out at 7am. Had to tape my right heel, it is sore/open from hiking in worn out socks. I put on all layers and made my way through the cold temperatures. The day stays cool until i make it over straight creek pass. Then it is getting hot again. And that pass isn’t even high. It’s a joke. The trail was beautiful today with a lot of nice views and valleys. No other hikers and new footprints. Have a pair of cascadias to follow. I dream of steaks today and double my rations and cook for lunch. In Lincoln there are supposed to be 2 steakhouses. A big ribeye steak….hmmmm. i make camp next to a creek and try cowboy camping again. The last nighs there were the same rain clouds but no rain. I just hope i am lucky and don’t have to pitch in the middle of the night. I prepare my meal on a small cooking fire and stretch out. The pain level is now constant with the most pain in the morning and evening. However these are all known pains and nothing to worry about. I just want to go to bed when i see that my sleeping quilt has a hole. Damn. I hot the sewing kit out and fixed it as far as i can. I hope it lasts. Now i can forget about washing my bag on the trail. Fuck.