Cdt day 13
7 July 2016

Again wake up with the first sunlight. Shall it be that i am back to a natural bio rythm? It also means that i didn’t do too much thr last day and my body doesn’t need extra rest. Nice. Thanks dto some wind and me pitching the tent a little away from the lake i had no mosquitos at all. I prepared a coffee and pbt and hiked out of camp at 6:20. Everybody else was stil asleep. I hit the chinese wall and it was awesome. I want to climb!!!!! I checkedout some boulders but wih running shoes you have absolutely no traction. The hiker hunger is kicking in. I can just think about food, nostly deep fried. So i eat my lunch at 10am and will have a mountain house lasagna i picked from the hiker box for lunch. The trail is easy to follow and to go. So i speed up and end up doing a 25mile day. I hope i will not suffer tomorrow. But i actually feel quite good. Just out of power. I met a bunch of riders and hikers on the way. It is the 4th of july so a lot of people are out. Have to be careful when i piss while walking…​ I also know the footprints of my fellow hikers. The prints of ysemans boots anf the innov8 of an english hiker. I made it till 2 miles before benchmark where i pitched my tarp and made some mashed potatoes.