Cdt day 12
7 July 2016

During the night i got visited by some elk drinking from the lake. Something even put its head into my rarp sniffing. I justhope it was an elk, too. I jelled at it. I woke up really early at around 5:20 and could see the alpenglow of the morning sun. I made a hige coffee and ate my peanutbutter tortilla. Mybtent was dry, the rain stopped sometime during the night. I walked up the pass in early morning light and fot some awesome pictures. On the other side I could see the chinese wall. While writing this i fot bitten by a badass red spider. Wtf. After about 9 miles at a creek crossing I met elevate again. She was drying out her socks. It seems that she changes shoes every time she crosses a river. Wow, i do cross 10 to 15 rivers each day with getting ewet feet. Additionally she has to dight a blister that spans the whole forefoot. At spam and tortilla lunch she overtook me again. At the next stream crossing it was on me again. I then slowly made my way which was quite easy due to resent trail crew activities. No more climbing over trees. I actually wanted to get to the chinese wall which didn’t work out. I bow camp in mosquito hell at a lake before that. I just can’t walk anymore. But this is the first day without any major pain.