Cdt day 11
7 July 2016

Today was tough. I got up at around 6:40 then again at 7:30 and made some coffee feom my cowboy camping position. Then I started walking through burned forest until lunch. Climbing over more than a 100 downed trees. Then i had to cross the river and didn’t fknd the crossing. I ended up bushwacking for 40min. Later on i was walking up the switchback pass and lost the trail again since it did end in a river again. However i got bacl to it in about 2min. I arrived at a lake before the pass at around 18:00 and met yseman and elevate again. I called this a day since the next possible campsite is 6 miles away. And it begins to rain. So i am now cuddled under my tarp in wind and rain and am glad afain to lie comfortably on my neo air.