Cdt day 1
28 June 2016

Today I was hanging out at the hostel and waiting for my friend knifethrower to arrive in east glacier. He put on a 13h ride from uta to get up here. At around 1pm he came up and we had a burger in the place next door. Then it was time to get the backcountry permits. We drove for 1h up to st. Marys to and went into the backcountry permit office. It was already crowded but supposed to be early and low season. We were a little unlucky. All sites for going south were closed. Going north didn’t look good either. So we had to do a 25m day the first fay in. Ok we got that permit for arlantic creek, Reynolds creek, many glacier and the Elizabeth lake. At the trailhead we met coyote. she was going to do the pacific northwest trail. The funny thing is, we met her on the pct being a ranger on the john muir trail. Think i gotta foto of all of us sitting around in the sierras. In the evening we had a fire drank some hiked out beers and were fine.