Cdt day 23
29 July 2016

We woke up on a cold morning with a little bit of condensation. Wisemans steripen didn’t work and showed snowflakes. We hiked at great weather on a nice trail. It wasn’t steep, there was

Cdt day 22
29 July 2016

A motel bed, a loud fridge, an air conditioner and street noise. It was a night for earplugs. Angelina had put her bananas in the fridge, where they got frozen solid. So i had to help h

Cdt day 21
13 July 2016

I slept in. When i woke up angelina and wiseman were already awake and made some coffee. I got some too and ate some watermelon. My all time favorite. At around 9 mark came back and made

Cdt day 20
13 July 2016

Today its town day. Just 7 miles to get towards mc donald pass. It rains again and the temperature is around freezing. I have problems with mice during the night. They crawl over me, try

Pictures of scapegoat wilderness and the bob marshalls. Oh and that is not my foot but simple soles.