Cdt day 28
29 July 2016

We had a really warm night at the lake. First in the morning we had to do a big clim b up. I have to admit that this day flew by. The trail was nice to go but had some really bad blowdown

Cdt day 27
29 July 2016

The night was warm and i slept with my sleeping bag open. Angelina froze in her tent. This day we didn’t see a single person in the anaconda pintler wilderness. We did 3 passes each about

Cdt day 26
29 July 2016

We wake up on the campground. The night was dry and temperatures are good. To save money we shared a tent. It was a small zpacks tarp so it was super snug in there. After a coffee an old

Cdt day 25
29 July 2016

Angelina and i woke up early and packed up to hit the road at 6am. She had to pick up a packet from the post office and i had to buy resupplies and send them out via the post office. Wise

Cdt day 24
29 July 2016

Today was another easy hike along nice trail. There were no big highlights but a northbound hiker called hob. He didn’t see a single person on the trail in the whole of idaho and wyoming.