Silicone coated nylon. Coating is either on one or on both sides. Can be mixed with PU coating.

Weight: 45-?g/m²


  • As ripstop material it doesn’t tear out on cuts

  • stret

2 May 2010

This was the first time I put a pack on my back, it was nice but the Harz is a pretty small area.

2 May 2010

The Eggeweg was an "addon" to the Hermannsweg I hiked before. I settled of with Christian for a weekend and enjoyed a lot of fog.

2 May 2010

This was my heaviest trip, which was actually four days long. And I carried around 23kg, including a 500g hobo a heavy steel pot two heavy duty planes as shelter. Nowadays I would carry around 10kg including 2l of water and the food for all days.

2 May 2010

In mid-summer of 2009 I walked half of the Eifelsteig, I had to abort because of a tick bite infection(borreliosis) and spent 7 days in hospital afterwards…​