Lapland 2010, images
4 August 2010

Now I add the images of the down-quilt I sewed. Instructions will follow.

One note: Don’t use the tape as shown in the images, it really sucks, use a pen please.

MYOG bivy bag
4 June 2010

I’ll update this article until the bivy is finished. There won’t be any follow-ups.

My next trip will provide me with a lot of wind and mosquitoes. As I’m tarp camping I need something against these two quilt-sleeper enemies :) To make it sho

Sauerland 201005
26 May 2010

My monthly trip in the Sauerland :) This time I had a pack weight around 5.7 kg for the whole trip. My friend Christian joined me on this tour through the Arnsberger Wald. He tried his simple can alcohol stove, with more or less success, while

Sewing a tarp
8 May 2010

Getting into light gear you will realize that a lot of gear is overpriced, or you might want specific features the commercial products don’t offer. But in my case I’m simply one of these DIY people, and I sewed a silnylon tarp.


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