Gear list and resupply plan
30 September 2010

Current PCT resupply plan and gear list. The resupply plan is more a guideline than something I’ll stricktly stick to. I know that it will be out of date after 2-3 weeks on the trail. It’s just a rough sketch out which will be adjusted during the walk. [Gear and resupply list](resupply.pdf "Resupply points and gearlist of the PCT")

Down quilt sewing process
29 September 2010

One typical lightweight piece of gear is the down-quilt. Because commercial quilts are quite expensive or heavy a myog quilt is of choice. It is a lot of work, but quite simple and the result is astonishing.

What you will need:


Lapland trip, gear review
10 August 2010

  • KS Bivy: performed very well, the quantum dries in seconds, it protects me from wind and mosquitoes. Great piece of gear. But I will use silnylon again on the bottom and back head area.

  • GoLite – Jam 2: It was ok. I could carry the 14kg

Yet another no-go which I had to try out. A tarp above treeline with strong winds and rain and mosquitoes. I basically stick to Ryan Jordans guide for tarping in extreme conditions and Collin I

On my last trip I used trail-running shoes in Lapland, which is an absolute no-go for most standard hikers. As this trip was to try out ultralight hiking strategies under more severe conditions, I just had to try it