Oberstdorf, Alps
12 June 2011

I just did a short trip to Oberstdorf in the Alps. It was short because my inflatable mattress got a hole I could not find in the cold mountain lake and my rain trousers are done :( Another point was that the route I planned was still covere

During Easter I hiked a part of the Sauerland Waldroute(forest route). Previously I hiked only parts of it during weekend hikes, these great stretches convinced me to spend the easter holidays on the Waldroute. However that part of the Wa

Scotland trip report
10 April 2011

On Friday I stuffed all the gear into my backpack. My first thought was: “Wow, that’s really few stuff. Ok it’s just a 5 day trip.” While packing I ripped the stuff-sack of my sleeping bag. That was not so bad as the stuff sack was always a

Scotland trip panoramas
31 March 2011

Some first impressions from the Scotland trip. Due to the design the images are not showed properly. Just click on them to see them properly scaled.

I’m currently planning another trip to Scotland. Following the rule "Never change a hiking system", I again go to Fisherfield Forest. 2 years ago I made my last heavy weight trip to this area and now this trip wil