Cdt day 46
9 August 2016

We slept in although we wanted to get up early. I woke up during the night since i was concerned about the clouds above us and afraid it would rain and i have to pitch the tent. But we wer

Cdt day 45
9 August 2016

We slept in, made some coffee and ate the remains from last dinner. I had pizza, bananas and some sesame sticks. Today we had to do a lot of chores. I bought some resupplies to supplement

Cdt day 44
9 August 2016

I had a last tortilla with my last spoon of peanutbutter. We had a nice road to follow which lead us to the interstate. We were lucky, a car came towards us and they said they pick us up

Until lima

Cdt day 43
5 August 2016

Today was tough. We hiked out on easy trail that was hard to find and at 9am we already had 27°c. We walked through cow country which makes navigation super hard because their trails are