The last months I was quite busy. I was on business-trips which cost me about 4 weeks where I couldn’t do much. So I only had the weekends to prepare for the PCT and to move out of my apartment. Now I’m officially homeless, well I live at my parents until I start in April. I ordered the remaining gear and used the last two days to go on a trip with quite nice temperatures to check if the new clothing I chose is ok. (longsleeve merino,  short merino, wind shirt

Me and the PCT
30 December 2012

However at that time I had very few backpacking experience. Moreover I had no experience in lightweight backpacking. And I had no clue about the PCT, few money, bad gear etc. I think my mail from that time shows best what type of hiker I was…​ However gladly, I didn’t do it.

PCT Gear addendum
28 December 2012

Nothing holds through eternity…​ Therefore my PCT gearlist is subject to constant change. I’ll defenitly take down clothing instead of Primaloft. But I need to catch some cheap offers (eg. used stuff). The down quilt will be washed, how

PCT Gear
2 December 2012

My gear list for the PCT is almost finished. However some things are not fully decided yet. I’m still not sure what insulation gear to take. I have always had great comfort with my self made Primaloft insulation jacket and trowsers. However they are really bulky and I expect that I won’t need them that often on the PCT. Therefore I’m still looking into down gear that weights less and packs smaller. However the price still puts me off.

PCT 2013
24 October 2012

Finally it is official.

I’m going to hike the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail in 2013.

Trail facts:

  • ~ 4300km long (for the purists, I know it is 4264(monument) 4293(manning park) but I include the Mount Withney detour to get a simpler number ;) )

  • Lowest point 42m

  • Highest point 4421m Mount Whitney

  • 60 mountain passes

  • 19 major canyons

  • 7 national parks

  • 24 national forests

  • 33 federal wilderness areas

  • only 40% succeed in finishing the trail

  • fewer people successfully thruh hiked the PCT than climbed Mount Everest

And now for the real facts: