I begin to realize that the trail has an end, which is weird. I will be in Vancouver too fast and I now try to take more time on the trail, which does not work. I can only hike my speed, and if it rains or I’m in the green tu

Hi all, I’m in cascade locks now and just booked my flight backfor the 25th of september. It’s raining quite often and in washington the first new snow is coming down. Way too early and I hope it is just some irregularity

Etna 1600 miles
5 August 2013

Hi I’m currently in Etna, getting smoked out  by all the fires. I’m now hiking alone, trying to make up some miles and do at least 25 per day. But I discovered that I am a real slow walker. Everybody I know is way far ahead. And there are people passing me every day that started in Mai.

High I’m under quite a bit time pressure, so just some of all the photos. Sorry..

I had the toughest sections from Hikertown to Mojave and Mojave to Walker Pass. At the Mojave wind farms I had about 50-70 mph wind with peaks at 90 mph, that was really crazy. I did the Aqueduct at daytime because of the high wind, got sunburned and did the annoying road walk. The section to walker pass was even more hard. I didn’t know that Meadow Ed, Oakie and Yogi would do trail magic there. So I packed water for 33 miles. Wow that was heavy. That section was real desert with high temperatures and really low water.