In 2014 I only hiked once. 3 weeks on the Cape Wrath Trail, which I sadly could not finish. However the cape wrath trail was one of the nicest trails I hiked so far (besides the PCT of course). I hiked with Autobahn(PCT 2013) and Thilo(Who has no trail name).

The blog is back again
14 June 2015

Hi all,

after a long downtime I managed to get my blog back up and running again. I needed to port all the data from wordpress to the new backend. Additionally I will include programming stuff, too. I am still working on getting the comments back, but I am not yet

PCT image collection
7 October 2013

The final collection of PCT images. I reduced ~5000 images to 540. A lot of stuff is missing, but I tried to vary between nature, people and trail life in order to make it less boring. Got a little problem going on, the gallery crashes :( H

I start looking through my fotos. So in the next days I’ll upload a bunch of stuff, trying to split them into the PCT or into 100mile sections, still not sure.

But for now, my awesome finishing picture:


Wow, I have done it
24 September 2013

I’m now in Manning Park with 15min of internet access…​ I have done it, I completly thruh hiked the PCT.


Going to Vancouver today. Had the first snow storm in the last night, on the passes it was knee-deep. So the season is closi