Cdt day 9
7 July 2016

Today was supposed to be a nero day to rest my foot. In the morning gnomegod left at around 7. I slept in till 8 and headed over to the whistle stop to get breakfast. I had bad coffee and a great om

30 June 2016

I think i ha e to include a glossary for some of the terms i use:

  • Nobo = north bound hiker

  • Sobo = south bound hiker

  • slackpacking = hiking with a light backpack while leaving stuff at eg. A hos

Picture collection

Cdt day 8
30 June 2016

Today i hitched out to slack pack the 15 miles from marias pass back to east glacier. This cuts off 15 miles from the very long haul down to lincoln. Fetched up on the deutschlandfunk economic podca

Cdt day 7
29 June 2016

I woke up at 4 am this morning due to a thunderstorm coming in. Packed up my stuff in the rain because i could not pitch a tent were i was. Hiked out and suddenly the rain stopped. I was so tired an