Cdt day 50
15 August 2016

Today we started with a nice 16 mile dry stretch going into yellowstone. We met more nobos coming out of yellowstone and finally made it on a nice road walk to the idaho and wyoming borde

Cdt day 49
15 August 2016

We woke up being hungry besides the feast yesterday. So we packed up and went to subway and it was closed, everything opened at 8. So we got back, made coffee, ate bananas and froze. At 8

Cdt day 48
15 August 2016

Cdt day 48
We woke up at a cold morning. After coffee we got going towards macks inn. The cross country section was easy. Better to walk than most of the cdt. Sometimes there was a fain

With yellowstone

Cdt day 47
9 August 2016

We woke up at 5 30 by distant thunderstorms rolling in. They hit us while we drank our coffee. Luckily they stopped when we packed up. We hiked on and saw the nice campsites with Picknick