105 miles Warner Springs
25 April 2013

I’ve done the first 100 miles :) I’m currently at Warner Springs Community Resource Center waiting for a ride to the KickOff. The resource center is quite great as it provides food shower and laundry, everything a hiker needs. The first days have been wonderful.

No blisters so far, shoes fit perfectly, however I have a problem finding the right socks (Smartwool light hiker short), I hope I find them at the kickoff. The temperatures started with 20C going up to 35C and last night it even rained and the temperature is as low as 9C. This was the first night I needed to pitch my tarp.

Hiking in the desert is quite easy. You have long switchbacks that allow easy ascent, always nice weather and the 2 feet wide PCT. You start early in the morning at 6:00 before sunrise and walk until 11 or 12. Then you try to find a place with good shade ( which is not easy with the sun shining at a 90 degree angle) and simply do nothing. Then at about 16 you continue walking till it’s almost dark, usually about 19:30. Then you just cowboy camp and everything is fine. Many hikers already do night hiking, which is not my kind of cup, and I don’t think it’s that hot.

The downside is that this is a very dry year. A local at Scissors Crossing said he had never seen it that dry since 40 years. Therefore you sometimes carry 6l of water. I walked with Andre and Reimar for the first days. When Andre and I took a Zero Day in Julien Reimar headed on. Here in Warner we found his shoes, they were to small. I now head back to the KickOff and Andre continues north. So the three Germans are now separated.

Sadly I can’t get the card reader to run, so no pictures yet :(

Christian 4 May 2013
Sitze gerade nach ner Pizza bei Ziggy and the Bear, schoen eure Kommentare yu lesen. Mehr gibts morgen.
quasinitro 27 April 2013
Schön zu hören, daß es dir gut geht und der Einstieg in den Trail ohne Probleme war. Bleib gesund und berichte fleißig weiter Grüße nach drüben, Nitro
WaSabi 26 April 2013
Hallo Christian klingt super ich freue mich für jeden Schritt den du am Trail bist und habe begonnen mein Trailtagebuch vom letzten Jahr zu schreiben ... morgen ist es ein Jahr her :) Keep going WaSabi ... am 14.7. back on trail
Kai 26 April 2013
100 Meilen, da bist Du ja fast durch ;) Alles Gute Kai
Rio 26 April 2013
Das Wasser als ständiger Begleiter macht sich schwer bemerkbar. :) Alles Gute weiterhin, Christian Bester Gruß, Rio
Helmut 25 April 2013
Hey Christian, fängt ja super an :) Wir drücken Dir weiter die Daumen und behalten die Bären im Auge :) Auf der JAX haben sie Dich vermisst, es ist was zu Essen übrig geblieben :) ACX und sonst nix Helmut