I am sorry but i lack behind in german translation. I hope my dear sister helps me out with this. However since you are english, just read on and enjoy.

Cdt day 53
15 August 2016

We got up late made coffee and packe dup. We had to cross a stream again and my short pants got wet. We hiked on till we hit the grassy lake road. We got a hitch from a park ranger on off

Cdt day 52
15 August 2016

Today was mr bubbles day. We hiked through nice meadows and saw some more volcanic activity. We met some nobos coming from mr bubbles. They hiked down there in the morning and were amazed

Cdt day 51
15 August 2016

We walked out of the campground and wanted to head to the general store to get some food. But we actually ended up getting breakfast buffet. It was ok and we got stufffed. Angelina actual